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Maryland Decisions is a regularly published case reporting service. Maryland Decisions is a unique research tool providing selected decisions and opinions from the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH), other administrative cases, and Circuit Courts throughout the State. It is available by yearly subscription.

Most of the decisions and rulings to be contained in Maryland Decisions are not available in full text form through any other source, and even where available, the material is not headnoted and indexed, and has no cite. The service has developed its own unique headnote system, designed for limited but comprehensive headnotes that are result-oriented.

The Circuit Court opinions can be final judgments or non-final judgments as in interpreting rules of discovery or evidence, or in denial of motions to dismiss or summary judgment. Circuit Court decisions or opinions can also be appeals from the District Court, the OAH, or another administrative body. Three judge panels will also be included.

Each case is formatted, summarized, and headnoted. Headnotes appear on the Maryland Decisions headnote grid and also in each case. Each reported opinion is in full text form.

In addition, each case published by Maryland Decisions has its own "Case History" page. This information will reveal as in, e.g., an appeal from the District Court to the Circuit Court, the result of that appeal. Similarly, the "Case History" page will provide information if the Circuit Court decision is appealed to the Court of Special Appeals or Court of Appeals, with the result, the official cite (if reported), and the date.

The Home Page contains summaries of recent cases reported in Maryland Decisions and weekly summaries of selected opinions (administrative cases) in reported cases of the Court of Special Appeals and the Court of Appeals, with a link to that case as published on the Maryland Judiciary website.

Additional information is provided in the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

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